5 Invaluable Moving Tips When Relocating

When you move from one place to another, regardless of how far, you have a lot of things to do. When you’re in this situation, you have to think about potential moving companies, getting your electricity turned on at your new location, how many boxes you might need, and what to do with certain household items like plants and important papers. Whether you use a professional moving company or do everything yourself, there are things you can do to make the entire move less stressful. Below are a few of them.

Tip #1: Take Pictures of the Numbers on Your Electronics

All items such as televisions, CD and DVD players, computers, and sound systems have important registration numbers on the back of them. Before they are packed up for your move, take pictures of these numbers so that if any of them break or are lost, you’ll have accurate information for your insurance company. This also helps once you get to your final destination, since it allows you to see exactly which plug goes where and therefore will help when setting it all up again. It will be much easier setting up your electronics in your new home if you know where everything goes.

Tip #2: Keep Important Items with You

This includes two major actions: packing an overnight bag, and keeping important papers close by. An overnight bag with a fresh change of clothes and all of your personal items is important because on the first day in your new home, you may not feel like going through boxes to get clothes and toiletries. Even if you’re merely moving a few miles down the road, this is a big convenience on that first day that you’re in a new home.

Papers such as contracts, passports, legal documents, and lists that include names, addresses, and telephone numbers all need to be kept with you instead of being packed up in a box. Place them in an envelope and take them with you instead.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Change-of-Address Forms

Letting the post office know when you’ll be moving, and giving them your new address, should be done well in advance. Sometimes it takes the post office several weeks to start forwarding all of your mail, so the sooner you do this, the better. Most experts recommend filling out change-of-address forms a minimum of two weeks before you actually move.

Tip #4: Pack Your Boxes Correctly

When packing your boxes—or even when letting the moving company pack them—all of the boxes should be numbered in chronological order. This is an easy and quick way to determine if any of the boxes are missing once you get to your new home. In addition, if you write on the box the exact room that the items belong in, this will make your unpacking go a lot more smoothly and quickly. Writing the destination of each box on the top of them, and numbering your boxes, will make unpacking and unloading much easier.

Tip #5: Great Time for a Garage Sale!

When you’re going through your home from room to room, you can pull out items that you no longer use, such as old clothing and household dishes, and go ahead and discard them. Bag or box them up and donate them to charity, or have a garage sale and use the money to help with your move. When moving, this is an excellent time to go through all of your household items and decide which ones you no longer use or want. Cleaning out all of your rooms one at a time may also mean a lower moving cost, since fewer boxes will be used for the move.

Moving is usually a stressful event, but the stress level can be lowered if you prepare in advance. Many other tips can be found on the Internet, or even by the moving company you choose, so these tips are only the beginning. As with most events in life, moving can become less stressful if you plan ahead, ask a lot of questions, do your research, and make a list of what to do before the actual move. Planning is the best way to be as prepared for your move as possible.


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