New York Long Distance Movers

We go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Professional long distance moving with New York Local Movers provides assistance, safety and convenience at a price that is less than most people expect.  Long distance moves are defined as any move, whether across country moving or within New York, that is 100 miles or greater typically outside one’s residential state.  Therefore, planning a long distance move is different than to a local move. It implies bigger costs and more careful packing, as well as more detailed planning.

When people think about a long distance move, they only imagine the movers that show up and load and unload the truck, but New York Local Movers will help you with so much more than that.  From planning to packing and paperwork, we’ve got you covered. For this reason, you will need to get in touch with a professional New York moving companyLet Us Do It For You!


Our Flat Rate Interstate Moving Prices

long distance moving cost is calculated differently than for local moving cost and certain aspects of interstate moves are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHA).  Everything will be explained to you in extensive detail at your pre-move consultation.  The following factors can affect pricing:

  • Weight – Calculated by the weight. The tariff is determined at a FHA weigh station after the truck is loaded.
  • Volume – Calculated by the volume ( Cubic Feet ) of your shipment within the truck
  • Distance – Once the basic tariffs have been calculated, discounts may be available if we are travelling a regular route or at certain slower times of the year.
  • Packing and Materials – These costs are determined when we do our custom quote and will vary based on your individual needs.
  • Valuation and Insurance – The minimum liability coverage by law is 60 cents per pound and additional coverage is available as needed.
  • Specialty items – An extra charge can apply for the handling of a bulk items such as a pool table, piano, Jacuzzi etc.
  • Accessory Charges – State-to-state cost variations include the price of fuel tolls and taxes


What is included at your basic Moving quote?

  • Door to door full service move
  • FREE Basic Furniture Wrapping & Moving Pads
  • Basic Insurance Coverage Included! [additional available]
  • FREE Long Carry Of Up To 70 Ft & First Flight Of Stairs
  • FREE Storage Handling—Delivered to you when your ready!
  • FREE One Month Storage with interstate moves
  • All Your Shipped Items are marked with a color-coded serial number
  • State of the art storage and security facility for all your stored items
  • Expertly Trained Professional Team Movers


Minimum carrier liability for an interstate move is $0.60 per pound.  Consider buying additional or full value protection if you are moving expensive items like fine art or antiques.  It’s the client’s responsibility to ensure adequate coverage so make sure you understand everything about the insurance and valuation but we are always happy to speak with your insurance agent to make sure that you are fully and adequately covered.  Also, check with the building management in your new home or office to ensure proper coverage for moving day.  There may be a small insurance charge or security deposit required to protect against damage to hallways and elevators.



Planning your move

New York Local Movers recommends that you start planning for a long distance move 2 months in advance, especially for Inter-State moves.  All mover-related issues will be covered at your preliminary meeting with our Relocation Specialist when we take inventory, estimate weight calculations and figure out what your packing and storage needs will be.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, you need to contact building management at both ends to make sure the freight elevators are available before booking your move.  And be sure to actually book the elevators!  You will need to coordinate your travel with the movers and a few days before your move date, confirm all details with your New York Long Distance Movers along with building management at your new destination, whether home or office.  These extra few minutes before hand will have you much more relaxed when the big day arrives.

  • Start planning 2 months in advance if possible
  • Review everything thoroughly with your NY Long Distance Moving Consultant
  • Book freight elevators and confirm all details 48 hours in advance.


Packing services

Properly done packing is a crucial element of a successful move and should not be left until the last moment.  There are various sizes and types of boxes meant for various items like books, dishes or sports equipment.  If you pack yourself, make sure you have the right boxes, tape and wrapping materials, be it newsprint or bubble wrap.  For the most professional and stress free move, leave it to us.  New York Local Movers has various options to meet your packing needs, time frame and budget:

  • Full Service – Let our trained professionals pack everything for you from start to finish.
  • Do It Yourself – Most cost effective. We can provide you with all necessary packing materials at a reduced rate.  Make sure to leave enough time.
  • Specific Items – We provide custom crating and individual wrapping for difficult-to-wrap, oddly shaped and fragile items.


Storage solutions

New York Local Movers maintains a large supply of easily accessible, secure storage units at competitive prices.  Large or small, for a day, a week or a year, we protect your items as if they were our own.  Climate controlled NYC storage units are available for sensitive items like art work, wine collections, antiques, furs and musical instruments.


State of the art fleet

New York Local Movers has a modern, well maintained fleet of trucks in all sizes to accommodate your moving needs, whether you are moving the contents of a small condo or a large home.  Since long distance moves require more planning, a vehicle will be designated once your moving plan and contract is complete.  Our movers are trained to load the trucks for cross country moving knowing that your personal items will need to remain immobile and secure for a longer period of time, and have all of the pads, blankets, boxes and dollies for careful and safe loading, travel and unloading.

We use only the latest vehicles & equipment—Trucks and Tractor Trailers all equipped with Lift-Gates to make loading and unloading securely efficient. We use only the latest vehicles & equipment—Trucks and Tractor Trailers all equipped with Lift-Gates to make loading and unloading securely efficient.


On Moving day

Once the big day arrives, all you need to do is stay calm. Our courteous and uniformed movers will arrive on time and take care of everything from start to finish.  We recommend that you keep important items like jewelry, travel documents, prescriptions, phones and charges in one designated place, like a bag or small suitcase.  At this point, since you made the smart decision to work with the professionals at New York Local Movers, you can rest assured that everything is organized and ready to go.  Sit back, relax, and leave the heavy lifting to us.